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What To Do After A Loss

Property Damage

  • Protect yourself and others. Always be careful before entering a damaged building. If your property has sustained serious structural damage or if there are any doubts about its safety, contact local government officials to determine the status of your home before entering.
  • Do not alter the condition of your house before it is inspected by the adjuster. However, you should make emergency repairs to prevent further damage.
  • Prepare an inventory of damaged property. Include descriptions of each item, their age, and their replacement value.
  • Preserve all items being claimed in as good a condition as possible.

While not an exhaustive list, this information is provided to assist you should a loss occur. Nothing contained within this material should be construed as providing legal advice nor does it imply coverage will be afforded. Every claim submitted must be reviewed and evaluated based upon the applicable policy of insurance and the facts of loss.